Way Too Drunk (acoustic)

from by Dan Plus Add

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Bring home the chips and crack open the wine
Tonight we'll abuse our livers and all have a bloody good time
I have been waiting for this all week long
I got so impatient that I wrote a typically cheesy folk song

And tonight is the night that we probably will not recall
Cause when morning arrives we'll be wondering why we wrote all of that nonsense on the wall
And the photos we took won't give any of us any clues
Cause they'll all be so blurred and most probably were all just photos of all of that booze?

We're gonna drink way too much
And get way too drunk
And we probably won't even find the way back to our home
You might even sleep in a ditch
Or you'll call your girlfriend a bitch
And I'll look for the answers in all of the texts on my phone

Where are the cards, let's all play a game
Spread them around a glass into which we will all pour our shame (said accusingly)
So what if the deck contains extra cards
It just means we'll have to drink more, and soon we'll all let down our guards

And the quicker you drink then the sooner we'll get off your backs
Just forget all your worries and let the sweet liquer help you to relax
We're a couple of pints from the point when we start to forget
But I don't give a crap, no I know I'll have fun, just as long as I don't pass out yet

We're gonna drink way too much
And get way too drunk
With the end result being my wallet being short a few quid
I saw you throw up in a glass
And I saw when you fell on your arse
But if you don't remember it happening, it never did

No it never did you see when I talked to that girl at the bar
She's gorgeous, don't you know that I got her number
It contains a few letters that spell the word "Loser"
But it's just a coincidence, think I might text her
Number not recognised this is some kind of joke
Just a mistake oh well I could do with a coke
I don't feel well. I'm not feeling so good. Get me another pint.

We're gonna drink way too much
And get way too drunk
And I probably won't even see that girl ever again
But you know I couldn't care less
No I will not stress
Cause I'm having an awesome night anyway with all my friends

We're gonna drink way too much
And get way too drunk
And it's four o'clock now and I think it is time for my bed
What a great night out
I could scream and shout!
When I see you tomorrow I expect I'll be clutching my head


from 100% Organic, released December 2, 2012



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